Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Superheroes birthday cake

It was my godson's birthday in July, 2009, so I asked him what birthday cake he would like me to make for him.  He goes: "I want Spiderman, Superman and Batman".  I looked at him with me mouth wide open, trying to think how I would make a cake with all three heros.  After a lot of web research I realized than many boys really want cakes with all 3 Superheroes.  As you can see here, I made 3 sponge cakes, filled them with cream and fresh strawberries.  Each cake was then decorated with a different colour (to match the hero's theme).  The spiderweb and the writing is made out of piped chocolate.


  1. Polli oraia tourta kai to kiriotero poli nostimi. Brabo Tina!

  2. Thanks Mina, geres na eimaste na ftiaxnoume tourtes! Prepei na arxiseis ki esi na anevazeis tis tourtes pou ftiaxneis!


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